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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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we begin with breaking news in the verdict of the american snipper trial. the verdict carries an automatic live sentence without the possibility of parole. they did not seek the death penalty. the attorneys for the 22-year- old former marine claimed that he routh suffered from post- traumatic disorder and the jury did not buy it. routh's mom asked kyle to help him out. it grew huge it was mainly because of the american snipper movie that is out. let's get to the new information on the path of this storm. it is inching north. the cold air is in place.
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when we see a storm in the gulf of mexico, we perk up and track it carefully. and big storm in mississippi, alabama and georgia tomorrow and tomorrow night. and i think we'll see some flakes here and accumulating snow in southern maryland. that is the best chance of accumulating snow in southern maryland. you'll get a little more with this particular tomorrow. by 3:30, we have snow to the south of us. this is and all snow event. and 6:00 a.m., the snow actually endevelops the entire beltway area and up to 70 and up to leesburg and it will affect the morning commute. by 8:00, most of the snow east of the i-95. and the heavier bands of snow will be in eastern maryland. i'll be back with an
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accumulation map in a bit. an alarming trend in montgomery county where some people have been investigated for child abuse since 2011. >> reporter: parents are extremely upset by this, not just by the alleged crime, but the fact that complaints and warning signs were ignored by the school system. 21 school employees or contract worker have been investigated for child abuse or sex exploitation in the last four years. >> it is unacceptable and everyone parent watching this significantment should be filled with outrage. >> reporter: 15 lawerence was arrested in 2015 and accused of
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molesting 15 children. he repeatedly videotaped little girls sucking on peppermint sticks and the school's principle ordered him not to touch or ab lone with children but the alleged abuse continued. and he's also facing rain charges for an alleged assault on a student decades ago. >> why are we not stopping the presses like they did in penn state and the catholic church? we have a problem here. >> reporter: junejohn f junior did work in 50 schools. and he was caught on surveillance video grabbing the behind of a bakerfield elementary students records showthed at he had a criminal history of groping women in
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public of which the school system was aware. >> nobody wants to make the right decisions and hard choices to correct this problem and protect our kid. >> reporter: we learned that the school system keeps a confidential database of personnel that demonstrates inappropriate or suspicious behavior towards children, a watch list of suspected abusers in our school. >> it is one of the most ludicrous things i've ever heard of being done. >> reporter: daniel pecka was terminated but never officially charged. his alleged abuse spanned 17 years, dating back to 1993. he would have shrill boys take off their shirts, flex their
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muscles and slide on his lap. he was moved from one elementary school again and again and again. >> if you're banned from one school, that should be enough to get you banned from every school. >> reporter: they declined our request for and on camera interview. but the county has begun the process of overalling the system of recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect. they note that the need for redesign has become apparent during the past several years. the school system now looking at more ways to tackle the issue of child abuse and neglect and they are considering recent recommendations from a work group made of parents, employees and agencies. to see those suggestions and other documents related to the
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report check it out on our website, the black hat bandits in action. we want to show you video that the fbi released of a robbery on january 30th. the same two men are believed to be responsible for 7 bank robberies in maryland and virginia. investigators said the level of violence has escalated with each robbery to the point they have threatened bank employees and customers. a $30,000 reward is offered for information that could lead to their capture. three state troopers were hit by cars in the last 24 hours. >> the local troopers are out of the hospital and recovering. but the crashes are a reminder that the dangers that first
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responders have every day. we speaking a troop they're was struck too weeks ago. >> reporter: this car was involved in the crash and another one on i-95. >> it is common off to a troop or another law enforcement struck while working on the side of the highway. >> reporter: one of the troopers was sitting in his patrol car. >> trooper on 66 had no idea what hit him. he had his back to traffic and did he not see the vehicle that ran off the . road >> reporter: both virginia and maryland have moveover laws. maryland state trooper powers jackson said that is not always the case. he has been hit twice along the
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side of the road handling a traffic infraction. he had this crash three weeks ago. >> when you see the headlights in a far distance, but it is that time of night that you cannot see if they are in a lean or not. you use your best judgment as possible. it comes so fast. >> reporter: if you are flagged down by police, there is a way to respond. >> acknowledge us being behind you putting on your hazard lights and we'll follow you to a safer location. >> reporter: and the driver that hit trooper jackson has never been caught. we're told that the two people involved in the crash on 66 are okay and back home after being
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released. >> that is a dangerous place. the third incident was in suffix county. and the driver ended up getting killed in a fiery crash after running off a road and smashing into a tree. a silver springs man was arraigned yesterday on a case of involuntary manslaughter yesterday. the crash on 8th street killed 28-year-old phillip snodgrass. he was living and working in washington d.c. and the apartment complex confirmed that he lived less than a block away from where the wreck happened. charged is james chandler. speeding and drugs are both to be factors in the accident. montgomery police are looking for clues in the murder of a 95-year-old man. he was of found dead inside his apartment. he suffered trauma to his upper
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body and neighbors tell us that he was a retired navy pilot and world war ii veteran little shelty dog that recently passed away. most of us are shocked and disgusted by the cases of these men that used their positions to secretly record women getting undressed. >> but officials say it is extremely easy to pull off. >> reporter: the synagogue behind me is where one of the alleged videotaping happened. this is two places where you should feel secure. why would anyone hide a camera in a bathroom? one answer comes to mind. two washington d.c. area men were separately accused of doing that. one was a rabbi and one is a
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restaurant owner. is that a concern for you when going into a public restroom or looker room. >> it could be but it is the last thing that i think of. >> reporter: should you be concerned? >> i don't care. >> reporter: whether you get filmed or not, you might be surprised where cameras can be placed in the bathroom. these are all regular bathroom items. any one of those can be a camera. >> that is something that you see and scu or law and order. >> reporter: a quick on line search has cameras that can be
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hidden in almost anything. >> it should be a place where you should feel secure. >> absolutely. frequently when women are assaulted, whether visually in that sense or physically, it is found in a place of trust. >> reporter: and now there are smart phone apps that can find hidden cameras in a room. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: it is ridiculous but real. the rabbi is accused of using a camera and videotaping more than 150 women with a camera hidden inside of a clock radio in a ritual bathing area inside
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the synagogue. the rabbi pled guilty to his charged and will be sentenced march 15th. a traveling nurse accused of sexually abusing several female patients at several hospitals and one in maryland as refused a deal offered by prosecutors. his lawyer told us today that he is innocent. >> mr. shrine innocent and we look forward to being exonerated. >> a patient at dw hospital that he touched her inappropriately in 2013. but they stay gw did not inform them of the incident and they did not start an investigation till another patient filed a complaint 7 months later. he is scheduled to be back in court may 19th to face trial on the charges.
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new information on a california commuter rain crash. the driver is now charged in the incident. the train slammed into the truck northwest of l.a. it caused the train to slam the truck and burst into flames and then he abandoned his truck and he was found a couple miles away on his phone and seemed distressed and disoriented. this is video where this house blew itself to pieces. the crews were investigating the smell of gas when the blast went off this morning. one home competely destroyed and several others near were
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damaged. parents of trayvon martin speak out about the discussions about the federal government not pursuing charges against george zimmerman. >> they were heartbroken even though they expected it was going to happ it was hard to hear it. the former neighborhood watch volunteer claims self- defense and he was acquitted in state court. the state attorney said that there was insufficient evidence that the shooting was motivated biracial animosity. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said that a vote will be scheduled by march 3rd. they don't think they have the
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two-thirds vote needed right now to override the president's veto. repairs continue on a large sinkhole. it was the same spot that the crews responded to last weekend because of a water main break. they did fix the break and come back out later this tweak do more maintenance. but the ground gave way before they even got the chance. the law legalizing marijuana in washington d.c. will go in effect by next wednesday. they can possess small amounts of marijuana in private. but if you're caught buying, selling or light up in public, you risk a fine by the dc police. >> you can use and grow marijuana in your home. there is a limitations of 6 plants in a home or 12 plants with multiple adults living in
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a home. home use, homegrown. >> and the mayor fully supports the initial safe proved by the voters. but -- initiative approved by the voters. we got everything that you need to know about the dc marijuana laws on our app. the ford theater museum will be reopen tomorrow morning. it was closed since last wednesday. it was closed for water damage after a water main break. exhibits and artifacts in the museum were not affected by the water. are you about to go on a limb. i'm going to forecast in march a very big time for potholes and water main breaks. we're going to see some light
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snows and fluron wednesday. the high temperature was 30. the average high is 49. but when you have full sun and hold below freezeing that is a cold air mass. we're down 25. we're swapping single digits for teens and 20s. and winds out of the south at 7:00. so headlines, grab your shades tomorrow. you'll seed them tomorrow. bus stop temperatures 14 to 28. clouds return tomorrow night but we stay dry and flurries and light snow on thursday morning. the best chance by far and away, the accumulating snow south and east of town in fredericksburg and waldorf. tomorrow morning, we'll have some teens and low teens and 20s in the suburbs and mid-20s downtown. a few clouds kind of flirt with
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frederick and leesburg. but you can walk to lunch tomorrow. there will be sunshine and light winds. i'm going strains all the way to thursday -- advance it all the way to thursday morning at 6:00. you get the picture. blue is the snow and if you look carefully you can look at different areas of snow. 8:00, most of the activity is east of i-95 and a little snow left in the highlands and the west. by 10:00, good snows for places like bethany beach and rehobeth. and we'll be lucky on thursday to get above freezing and the mountain snow showers will continue thursday and thursday night. here is the forecast for snowfall. you can see one inch in manassas. and i agree with the two inches in the river and into the north neck so overnight it looks like
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this partly cloudy and not as cold, a few more slick spots 14, to 24. 20s to start on the day planner and sunshine and 30 by 9:00 and 36 by 11:00. and then 38 by 1:00. for now, we'll keep thursday as is. we may have to issue a yelle lert for thursday for light snow. and then on friday, flurries possible and highs again near 30. and the next 7 days, saturday cold and sunday chilly and once again, the moisture will race in here and it will perhaps get here before all the cold air leaves and perhaps a mixture sunday night and more rain monday and tuesday. >> and i like where the trend is going right now. we can still see snow in march. >> let's talk about the in fact they put the wore terror back
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it is the fist game between two rank teams in 20 years and it did not disappoint. they get a big star on their tournament resume. they are having fun before the game. the students camped out were full of energy thanks to plays like this. and they get the hoop and the harm. and this is a great play by the terps and they beat the buzzer. second half, wells picks up the fall and races up and finds layman. a nice little dunk right there and then baseline and slams it down. they're smelling the upset in college park. under a minute to go, super
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fresh triple hits the dabber and 59-53 and the fans rejoice by storming the court. and they scored 42 points and the rest of team accounted for the other 17. and the game is decided by six points or at home in conference play. wizards in their sixth straight game this is a plea pointer giving the warrior the lead for good. and green sprang paul pierce's knee. he should be fine. he said you cannot break steel. everyone who is anyone has arrived in florida for the start of national spring training. and we got the team's take on all the talk. >> reporter: night falls here and i have to tell you this
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place has been buzz with media because most people feel that the nationals are a world series contender. and they thought that last year and it didn't happen. does the group have the proper mentally to be the hunted, not the hunter? and that is a good question. and manager williams says, yes, they do. >> they hold themselves accountable and do in that way. so what i can evaluate in those scenarios, are we doing it right and working hard enough? >> we were the paper champions in toronto and it did work out so well. we left it on the field and we signed max. it is was almost encouraging everyone to come to spring training and be prepared. >> reporter: in a matter of moments is a 12:00 deadline for
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checking in. we'll have an update on that tomorrow. it is another day here at spring training. back to you guys. after the terps big win, a funny thing happened during the coach's press conference. let's just say it was interrupted. >> i was going to say that we have a flight to catch. >> i was waiting and they didn't get me. thanks, mark. >> right in the middle of his speech, too. we'll make it quick. that is wisconsin head coach interrupted mark church's press conference, we have a plane to catch. we don't want to stay here longer than we have to. >> but mark could not be any
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we have a little snow possible thursday morning. and we're not going to pull the trigger on the yellow alert yet. >> that is our broad, thanks for sticking ar
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